House Hunter

House Hunter is a novel awaiting publishing (If you’re a publisher please let me know if you would like to read more). Travel along with Kate as she finds homes to fix and flip and while she’s at it maybe buries a body or two. You can’t help but root for the killer in this one. Kate doesn’t just hunt houses, the true prey are the predators.

From House Hunter Chapter One:

The knock came in three short raps. The time for planning was over. If anything had been overlooked, it would have to be made up as she went along. Kate made no hesitation in answering the door.

On the other side stood a large gentleman, not vertically but horizontally. He reminded of her that mailman on that one sit-com. He had brown, balding hair and pudgy features. Everything about him said harmless.

            “Hi,” Kate said, putting on a sheepish smile, “Harvey, right?”

            “Y-yes,” he stammered, reaching out to shake her hand, unsure of what the protocol for a situation like this is.

            “Alicia,” Kate said, indicating herself as she reluctantly took his hand in hers. She always chose names that began with an A, she figured once she ran out of those she’d start with the B’s.

Although he knew the person answering the door would be on the unsavory side, he didn’t expect her to be so, well, used-up. Her clothes were tattered and too small, her hair was greasy and unkempt, she had large, dark circles under her eyes, and she twitched as though the simple movement of air scared her.

            “Come in,” Kate said, quickly motioning inside with her hand. This would be so much easier if evil people actually looked evil, she thought. But in this world monsters don’t have green scales and bulging eyes. No, in this world monsters are middle aged white men with a pot belly who wear pleated khakis and tucked-in polo shirts with thin brown belts and loafers. They’re people you wouldn’t give a second look. You pass by them every day at the grocery store, the bank, walking down the street. They look just like everybody else. That’s their camouflage.