Positively Accountable Journal

This is meant for people who have read about the law of attraction and understand the benefits of present and mindful thinking. That is where I was when I created this to hold myself accountable to my new-found personal knowledge.
I learned that when you start counting your blessings and consciously choosing your thoughts then you can change your life. I learned that manifestation was not only possible it was absolutely probable when you put your mind to it. As simple as that may sound it does take some effort. But with a place to hold yourself accountable and bring your focus back to what you truly want the impossible becomes obtainable.

House Hunter

This is a novel awaiting publishing (If you’re a publisher please let me know if you would like to read more). House Hunter features a female heroine and is a root for the bad guy kind of novel where revenge is sought and exacted in a surprising and bolden manner.

Poetry Samples

Poetry Samples are just that, there is not currently a poetry book awaiting publishing. I just enjoy sharing my little poetic tidbits.

Hope you have enjoyed. Please feel free to reach out through the Contact Page.

Thank you!

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