The Author

I was born in Missoula Montana in March of 1985. I grew up the youngest of 3 siblings raised by Randy and Esther Lavoie. As a child I would watch my mother Esther write letters to my aunt Janet who lives in Alaska. I would imitate her and draw loops and circles across pages of scrap paper, some of which I’m sure my mom still has.

I always thought writing was such a beautiful thing. I loved the way a page looked filled with cursive writing, the feel of a pen going across the pad, the sound of typing. Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. It’s an art form to be able to find the right set of words to persuasively convey the emotion you’re trying to interpret. I’ve always enjoyed writing but was never confident enough to really put any of my work out there.

Now, 35 years into life, I figure what the hell. If you’ve taken the time to peruse and read a bit I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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