Michelle Lavoie

Writer and creator typing to you from Missoula, Montana

February Poetry Sample

Tread carefully and speak plainly
because she isn’t going to confront you.
She isn’t going to say “how dare you?”
She’s going to absorb it,
pack it up and take it home with her.
In soft light she’ll unwrap it,
put it beneath her pillow and sleep on it,
Pull it out in the morning sun and scrutinize it,
set it down, walk away and come back to it.
Hold it up in the mirror to see herself in it.
Pinch it between her shoulders and walk around with it,
go on about her day with it.
Forget it.
Remember it.
Place it between her teeth and chew it.
Make a decision about it.
Swallow it.
Let it become part of her.
But never again speak on it.
She’s twisted and pulled her truth from it.
Now it’s your turn to do the same.

Positively Accountable Journal

This product is meant for people who have read about the law of attraction and understand the benefits of present and mindful thinking. That is where I was when I created this to hold myself accountable to my new-found personal knowledge.
I was working at a transitional housing facility for homeless veterans at the time. The work was rewarding but the wage was lacking. I had saved enough to purchase a pretty beat up trailer in a pretty beat up neighborhood. That’s where the next phase of my life began. I learned a lot of lessons in that single wide trailer. Most of all I learned that when you start counting your blessings and consciously choosing your thoughts then you can change your life. I learned that manifestation wasn’t only possible it was absolutely probable when you put your mind to it. As simple as that may sound it does take some effort.

Excerpt from Untitled

There were two knocks at the front door and then what sounded like the door opening.
“What the hell?” She said, pulling her robe closer around her and stepping into the living room to see who would be interrupting her day of rest, especially the very beginning of it. For a moment she didn’t realize why the sheriff looked so short. Oh yeah, the front porch is now a pile of scraps, she remembered, but why is he back?
“Sorry, I didn’t mean for the door to open, I just knocked and it must’ve not been latched all the way.” He said, looking a little sheepish.
“Oh, I must not have got it closed all the way last night. Is there something I can help you with?” She asked feeling a little indisposed in her robe and a little irritated that he would just show up. In her particular line of work a sheriff that felt comfortable enough to just swing by anytime he was in the neighborhood was a very bad thing.

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