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It all begins with a blank page

August Poetry Sample

The candle light fades, the room grows dark

and her hand is touching his.

At a moment’s blessing they will be kissing,

his lips the dueling component to hers.

Their bodies embark on a mission of passion,

as they make a beautiful mess of eachother.

Their minds push to become one.

The effort of it edging them closer to the brink of insanity.

At the final moment their thoughts breach

and reach into each other’s mind

and their ecstasy is expounded upon.

Exhausted their bodies fall,

toppling atop of eachother.

Whispers of quiet, sacred morning

sweep the chill from the room.

Their touched upon minds hold tight to succulent dreams

deep past the strike of noon.

It will be a slow traverse into reality,

seemingly unknown territory,

as the lust butterflies and fantasy perfections

fade from the scene.