Michelle Lavoie

Writer and creator typing to you from

Missoula, Montana

Poetry Sample

Get Away Van

I collect positive thoughts like rain drops and keep them in a jar.
That way on too sunny days the moments are never far.
I quit saving pennies and spent them on memories
of short days gone too soon.
I play those times over in my mind like my favorite tune.
So when the moment begins to stretch and expand
I can use them as my get away van.

Positively Accountable Journal Prompts


  • At least three things you are thankful for from the weekend.
  • At least one good thing about today and being exactly where you are.


  • At least one thing you’re looking forward to doing this week-if you don’t have one make one.
  • At least one positive thing you want to have happen this week.


  • At  least three impossible things
  • A good thing that’s happened already this week.


  • Write about something you never have before.


  • Something you did this week or are doing this weekend for someone else, something someone did or is doing for you and something you did or are doing for yourself.

Excerpt from “House Hunter”

(Awaiting Publishing)

There were two knocks at the front door and then what sounded like the door opening.
“What the hell?” She said, pulling her robe closer around her and stepping into the living room to see who would be interrupting her day of rest, especially the very beginning of it. For a moment she didn’t realize why the sheriff looked so short. Oh yeah, the front porch is now a pile of scraps, she remembered, but why is he back?
“Sorry, I didn’t mean for the door to open, I just knocked and it must’ve not been latched all the way.” He said, looking a little sheepish.
“Oh, I must not have got it closed all the way last night. Is there something I can help you with?” She asked feeling a little indisposed in her robe and a little irritated that he would just show up. In her particular line of work a sheriff that felt comfortable enough to just swing by anytime he was in the neighborhood was a very bad thing.

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