Michelle Lavoie

Writing to you from Missoula, MT

February 2023 Poetry Sample

Silk Sheets

The candlelight fades
the room grows dark
and her hand is touching his
at a moments blessing
they will be kissing
his lips the dueling component to hers
Arms and legs entwine
as they make a beautiful mess of each other
Their minds pushing to become one
the effort drawing them near
pushing them toward the brink of insanity
At the final moment they break through
their thoughts blinking into the others mind
as their ecstasy is expounded upon
Satisfied, their bodies topple atop one another
Sweet words are placed into the musky air
Whispers of quiet, sacred morning
sweep the heat from the room
Their expanded minds hold tight to succulent dreams
deep past the strike of noon
It will be a slow traverse into reality;
seemingly unknown territory
as the lust butterflies
and fantasy perfections
fade from the scene