Housecleaner Needed: Why Every Community Manager needs one

Or, why some might argue that every Community Manager must BE one!

Spaces proliferate faster than putting two undetermined gender bunnies in a cage.  Before you know it, you have hundreds (and hundreds) of communities and groups.  Wearing our rose-colored glasses, we can quote those stats to show how we’ve accomplished adoption in our work environment.

But let’s get a dose of Dr. Phil and get real.  Not every space is successfully launched, prepared, nurtured, revised, evaluated, redesigned, and adopted.  I don’t have numbers to back me up, but I do know from experience that an annual ‘cleanup’ effort reduces the overall number of spaces by about 20%.

So back to the housecleaner.  I don’t know about you, but my workday is quite full with supporting users, community managers, creating and changing spaces, moderating content, making connections between the business and community…oh, and attending meetings, planning strategy, generating reports and doing all the things that all of us have to do all the time.

Housecleaning communities is, for me, an annual event that is mind-numbing.  I have to wonder what it would be like to have the time to follow up on every space request, to reach out to Community Managers to offer assistance and to jump start their spaces, to archive spaces well before they hit the ‘no content in six months…you’re archived’ rule.

One person can’t do it all.  Anyone out there have a housecleaning strategy?