When Values Collide

let us eat cakeIt’s no secret that we all have personal lives, and many of us have worklives.  More and more, these are becoming entangled and entwined, putting us in awkward positions in the workplace.

Let’s imagine a people manager at a technology company. She must, with some frequency, communicate a corporate decision that directly violates her own values.

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Those Who Cannot Remember

alzheimersWhen Mom and I left her specialist’s office about five years ago, we were both devastated to learn that she was already in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  We had all the signs we needed:  she got lost driving in the only town she had ever lived, once a police officer had to bring her home when she was walking because she couldn’t determine where she was.  And those were only the events that she reported to us.

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The Power of Music

musicLet’s start with a few basic facts, most of which I hope you can relate to:

  1. I can remember song lyrics, in fact song lyrics to an entire vinyl album (what we used to call CDs), from 1973
  2. That’s 41 years ago.
  3. I sat in French class throughout grammar and junior high school and cannot speak or write a word of French
  4. About the same time frame

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From a Distance

separatedIt’s officially been two months since I voluntarily separated from my fave employer.  Given that description, let me say that we had a number of family illnesses and one death, as well as a swell of family drama over the course of several months before the separation package was offered.  In my heart, I knew that I had to take it, to attune my efforts and my life to those in my family and to decompress.

To those who ominously said, “OMG, what WILL you do?”

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What if Someone Asks a Question….We Can’t Have That!

no questions As I  and a tightly bound cross-functional team worked on the intricate planning to combine our corporate intranet with our social intranet with our collaboration platform in 2014, we were faced with many questions, opportunities and objections.  While not funny at the time, the humor has grown on me, so let me share one particularly poignant … and telling…story.

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God Talk in Communities

I’ve seen many things while managing a Fortune 500 internal community.  Many things that I found amazing, interesting, and even appalling.

One day, an employee contacted me and explained that he was really offended because another employee posted content that included the word “God.”  It had been included into a fairly innocuous post that included something like “God will take care of us all.”

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At the Crossroads

I was just reading an article the other day about women abandoning the technology sector in record numbers.  My own personal ‘voluntary separation,’ which I’d rather think of as a sabbatical, may or may not align to others’ reasons.

Yes, I’m tired.  I’ve worked 14 years at the same great company, and have had some extraordinarily challenging roles.  In each, I flourished under the self-imposed stress and produced what I’m told are awesome results.

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