HR & The Enterprise

human resourcesParticipated in an interesting Human Resources tweetchat yesterday; topic was how to make HR more relevant.

There were the usual comments about getting “a seat at the table” and even I reverted to a comment about becoming business partners but I think there’s much more to do.

In my experience, HR is sometimes viewed as a roadblock when, in fact, it is a Managers’ lack of feedback and documentation that leaves ill-suited employees in their positions.

If I was in Human Resources, the first things I’d want to do:

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The Slap – What Would you Do?

slapSome of you may have seen the 6 or 8 episode series by the same name last year.  Essentially, a parent slaps a child, and relationships spiral out of control.  We had our own experience with a slap this week, and are wondering what YOU would do.

We were at a large function, with about 100 people present.  Many adults, and quite a few children under the age of eight years old enjoyed an evening outside.  As we were conversing, we heard the unmistakable sound of a SLAP.

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When Values Collide

let us eat cakeIt’s no secret that we all have personal lives, and many of us have worklives.  More and more, these are becoming entangled and entwined, putting us in awkward positions in the workplace.

Let’s imagine a people manager at a technology company. She must, with some frequency, communicate a corporate decision that directly violates her own values.

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Those Who Cannot Remember

alzheimersWhen Mom and I left her specialist’s office about five years ago, we were both devastated to learn that she was already in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  We had all the signs we needed:  she got lost driving in the only town she had ever lived, once a police officer had to bring her home when she was walking because she couldn’t determine where she was.  And those were only the events that she reported to us.

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The Power of Music

musicLet’s start with a few basic facts, most of which I hope you can relate to:

  1. I can remember song lyrics, in fact song lyrics to an entire vinyl album (what we used to call CDs), from 1973
  2. That’s 41 years ago.
  3. I sat in French class throughout grammar and junior high school and cannot speak or write a word of French
  4. About the same time frame

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